Villa in Roquebrune – Lazzarini Pickering Architects

Talking about architecture with Carl Pickering is like sipping a good red wine: harmonious, full-bodied, persistent, round, mature. And the architecture of the Roman firm Lazzarini Pickering Architetti has the same properties.

Real works, which show an in-depth study of every aspect from the earliest planning stages: this is the only way to obtain such results of organic unity and perfection that so much affect even the most profane eye.

They are architects who make their works. They don’t draw as much to fill curriculum pages, their site is full of photographs and not renders.

The publication with a summary of their careers has recently been presented at the Maxxi in Rome: in the audience, their usual customers. Just to understand what kind of professionals I’m talking about …

I have always followed them. From the times when they returned a precise identity to the Fendi flagship stores or where they designed a villa in Positano, to say the least fabulous … I go beyond admiration, here it is a question of being a real huge fan!

Recently they built this villa in Roquebrune.

With the volumes constrained by the existing, they thought of it as if it were a boat, choosing materials such as treated and faded teak, stainless steel and glass.

Fabulous outdoor spaces, perfectly integrated with the context and with a sea view. Inside, one element dominates everything: the square vertical connection staircase is inserted in a rectangular compartment, in the remaining space of which is the location of the Customer’s collection of Chinese vases. In this way, a sort of vertical gallery is created which underlines the style of the designers, able to perfectly integrate the structural and furnishing functions into a perfectly organic whole.

Of course, someone might observe that everything depends on the Customer. Which must be so enlightened as to be able to allow the architect to express himself freely and to the fullest.

But, perhaps, the skill of an architect is also in finding the right customer.

Author: Dave Doe

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