The useful pools!

I confess: I can no longer think of swimming pools except in terms of swimming-pools-meters-times-turns.

And that, in my life as an architect, limits me a lot!

In fact, I have always been an architect who looked after functionality and then aesthetics, and, with regard to swimming pools, I always wondered why, having the possibility, don’t make one that is also “swimmable” ???

My dream is to wake up + dive in and start the day with about eighty tanks, to then face everything else with another spirit.

Here, this is my current swimming pool ideal. Indeed, perhaps I would add a detail: I would do it at least 25 meters long!

Instead, forgive me but I consider this a beautiful pool but absolutely useless!

But there is also another possibility, in addition to the regulatory length: counter-current swimming.

It is a sort of aquatic tapis-roulant: some pumps, properly studied, produce a jet of water that creates a surface current in the tank, allowing it to swim while remaining still. Just a space of 5 meters in length and you’re done!

And so … my choice can widen, including also puddles or bean-shaped tanks !!!

Well … in this case, I notice more glasses of red wine than anything else!

But what do you see in the background? Yes, it’s Capri!

But anyway…

… these are the perfect pools for today!

And remember, in English : lap pools .

Author: Dave Doe

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