The terraces

I’ve been on the web, and you have no idea how hard it is to find images of outdoor spaces close to our European uses-and-consumption.

We will, therefore, be forced to dream long-range. Which, for the wife of a flight attendant, is not that difficult.

However, I begin by showing you a personal experience: the beautiful EMU furnishings have contributed to characterize this anonymous leisure terrace for the employees of a well-known international company. The goal was to give quality to the space to encourage the use of outdoor space to continue working or to hold open-air meetings. I wonder if we succeeded …

Now we leave for the journey around the world …

San Francisco, wonderful view. Beautiful fireplace (bioethanol?).

Still San Francisco. Beautiful delimitation in glass, as long as it is anti-breakthrough, anti-injury, bullet-proof and everything that can contribute to the more general anti-child definition !!!

Chicago, beautiful context. But is it possible to use a terrace-like that in that wind? Note the floor and night lighting, which is not so obvious.

Melbourne! In addition to the skyscrapers all around, I am struck by these very long tables (can you see that in the middle of the second table there is a huge ice cube with the bottles of champagne ready?) And the arrangement of the planters.

Naples, Florida. White floor and ceiling, paddle fans, padded beds … only coffee and newspaper are missing !!!

Now let’s get closer to more handy areas.

Pantelleria, dammuso on the sea. Just the micro-table, isn’t it?

Still Pantelleria. I like the use of simple elements, like the jacket for the cover and the white curtains for… boh… beauty, I would say!

I can’t say where we are here, but the floor, the flowers, the fabric of the armchairs, the sloping roof immediately above it, the champagne (again!) … all perfect!

Now a few hints on the furnishings for the open spaces. I chose three examples from thousands of fantastic objects, which have nothing to do with the iron furniture of when we were little (Do you remember those painted iron chairs or tables that had infinite round holes? I enjoyed putting on the little finger, which it was the right size !!!). Look how wonderful these…

And then, I would like to conclude with the following image, which I dedicate to my husband.

To point out that you don’t need a 20 square meter terrace to be able to enjoy it…

The images: to learn more, just click on the photo.

Author: Dave Doe

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