The pools

The pools can be divided into two major groups: pool skimmer and infinity pools.

The skimmer pools are characterized by a perimeter edge on which the openings ( skimmers ) are distributed, placed flush with the water. Through these openings, the water is collected, filtered and re-introduced into the pool through delivery vents. The skimmers must be properly positioned and correctly sized so as not to create dead zones in which the water stagnates.

The infinity pools have no edge, but the surface of the water is flush with the surrounding soil. The pool water flows into the perimeter channel, allowing it to continuously and uniformly clean the surface of the water. These are the latest generation pools, technologically more advanced than the previous ones. And undoubtedly more fascinating.

The finishes used for the poolside are generally ceramic Klinker or porcelain stoneware. The same materials can be used for the interior of the tub, which can also be made with modular prefabricated panels, assembled in the factory.

In the case of small tanks, it is possible to use the counter-current swimming device, which creates a flow of current that allows swimming. A sort of treadmill in the water!

And then, the fundamental element: lighting. Cleverly studied it is able to completely transform the perception of the water mirror. Traditional underwater lights can be used, but the most fascinating results are obtained with white or colored LEDs.

In my career as an architect, I often came across the design and construction of swimming pools. Swimming pools in large hotels or private swimming pools in luxury apartments (built in the attic of a Roman building with a view of northern Rome!): It is always a very fun theme to develop, which, even in the case of minimal pools, gives great satisfaction.

Look at this image now. We are in a famous hotel in Rio de Janeiro (of which I will not intentionally name), those are my feet and the little fish in the water is my son. This pool summarizes everything that should not be done. So much so that I immediately got out of it given the total lack of hygiene [it was a bit more difficult to get my son out, which was then properly washed and disinfected!

Along the edge, there are nozzles that throw water into the tub. The tank is completely devoid of grids or collection jets, and the grids are instead placed along the entire perimeter about 20 cm from the edge. I did not understand how the water changed, and all the dead animals that floated together with the leaves of the trees … well, I preferred not to go into it!

I know… I don’t relax even on vacation!

Now we see the images of the network that most impressed me.

A pool with a mixed system, where the overflow part is the one facing the panorama. Beautiful.

Here we are in Miami. And the water in the pool that mixes visually with that of the sea is, as they would say there, really gorgeous!

A house built around the pool. A dream to wake up and immediately do those 2000 meters daily!

A fascinating context, also thanks to the sunset and the idea of ​​an aperitif that hovers in this shot!

Beautiful surrounding greenery. Beautiful mosaic cladding and waterfall. Beautiful wooden floor. Nice color too!

Here, my true fixation is revealed here. I love the very narrow and long pools as if they were an Olympic swimming pool lane. I like them because they seem to me functionally ideal for my swimmer’s needs, and also because they remind me of the troughs of the cows of my mountains.

Still a pool that seems to end up in the sea. But here the palm trees and the full moon conquered me. And that light breeze that can be sensed!

Beautiful pool. The infinity-edge is fantastic, just as the degrading bottom that allows the type of use depicted is spectacular.

Well, first of all, this house is for sale! We are in Greece and I love the close relationship between the house and the water.

Another home for sale. Ibiza. What else should I add? It is also long and narrow as I like it …

We conclude with my favorite. I like it for its inclusion in a rural context that is part of our very Italian tradition. Fantastic the choice of natural materials, and the idea of ​​the perimeter waterfall. In short, I love it!

Writing this post, I realized how passionate I am about this subject. If you want more episodes, just ask!

Images: to learn more, just click on the photo or browse through my Pinterest.

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