The houses of Rio de Janeiro

We will pretend together that we have an unlimited budget, and that we want to use it to invest a tidy sum in a… chesò… penthouse on the beach? will help you build!

But yes, come on!

Just to make a small geographical frame, Rio de Janeiro has, among its most beautiful areas, the promenade of the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. The two beaches are divided by the Arpoador, a small peninsula on which there is also the Forte de Copacabana.

We’re looking for a home in these areas, okay?

Let’s start immediately with the ugliest. I imagine the suffering in living in this 700 square meter penthouse on Copacabana beach. It is rented for € 2,000 a day, and … think of anything: it has it!

We continue with the suffering … Another penthouse in Copacabana, designed by the architect Carlos Cesar Ferreira. I note the pool on the terrace, which, apparently, is a must !!

I want to emphasize that, walking through the streets of Rio, one does not even remotely imagine all this bendiddio up there on top of the buildings. And, note well, I am one who walks upside down by default !!!

Still pool, still beach… off, how boring. Have you noticed how the white + white + white the face of a master? White floors, often in resin, white walls, white furniture: someone says it’s boring …

This 240 square meter penthouse is rented for a price not shown!

Still Copacabana, 360 square meters for 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. On sale, but the negotiation is confidential!

Copacabana, pool on the terrace, about € 1,000 a day: free!

Let’s go to Ipanema now. This 350 square meter penthouse on three levels is rented, even weekly.

The parquet is beautiful!

We conclude our Arpoador home search for the future. Here we finally also know the selling price: around € 8,000,000.

It’s 470 square meters on two levels, and … I’m afraid I would be very happy with it!

I don’t know why, but a couple of songs keep booming in my head.

One was Dreams are my reality …  and the other was Dreams are wishes, of happiness … But what if we all moved to Rio de Janeiro?

Author: Dave Doe

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