The houses by the sea 2

I continue my research on beach houses and the colors to be used for interiors.

Last week I focused on Greek houses. And I learned that the white & blue combination can have infinite gradations and that other colors can intervene without disturbing the overall balance.

Let’s see today what the houses of the Balearic Islands or Formentera (we have to visit at least once in a lifetime!) Teach us, but this is not a travel blog.

Typical construction of the area with a considerable pool!

Brown resin floor, like the base of the masonry sofa. Neutral colors with the sofa cushions that summarize them. Bellini fish on the wall, but every house by the sea, no?

Beautiful this kitchen all made on site. Cost? Two money! The only burden is finding good workers. Note the doors under the floor made of spruce planks, which anyone good at do-it-yourself could do.

And another fish that acts as a shelf and pot holder.

The headboard of the bed made of masonry. Wardrobe doors identical to those in the kitchen. All very simple, but what a class !!!

Remark: It seems that even the masonry sofa does a lot of home on the beach. And it’s a solution used throughout Europe!

Not surprisingly, a house called Can Dream!

And the dream passes through this pool …

Still neutral tones. Here appears black, in window frames and table structures. Resin flooring always.

Nice kitchen! For the absence of wall units, which always weigh down the environment, and for the fabulous wooden table. It should be noted that the attention goes to the table with its lamps thanks to the total white of the kitchen, mosaic tiles included.

Well … what to say? A dream! Mattress laid on a specially made platform, covered in resin like the rest of the house. Two doors for access to the bathroom behind: identical, symmetrical with respect to the bed, and as high as the ceiling (you know that they are my fixation, right?). And then, that & placed in the middle of the bed … nice idea! Maybe they could take out the water bottle before taking the picture…

Remark: The tendency to realize everything possible in masonry is evident. It costs little and makes its figure!

In conclusion, the houses of the Cycladic islands are, on the whole, more colorful, while in Formentera everything is very basic-neutral-low profile.

And me? Which direction will I take in advising my clients?

Not forgetting my desire to build houses for all seasons, I will reflect on these hot days!

Author: Dave Doe

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