Pininfarina and Home Design

Well, he did it. And it was communicated to us during the recent Salone del Mobile.

Ready to supplant all of us poor architectures, it presents itself on the market with a battleship on which the most famous Italian interior finishing companies are located.

And then?

And so, dear colleagues, let’s do it!

A well-made site, a pool of stellar partners, some good renderers, an abundance of geometrically well-placed curves in the project and stratospheric plots are enough.

And what else?

Ah already … the name. Because, in fact, Pininfarina is not exactly anyone.

The landing page of Pininfarina Home Design shows a WE ARE DESIGN rather than explanatory.

Because this Pininfarina here is the same as all those luxury items like cars, watches, yachts that have represented Italian style over the past 85 years.

And what does it do in Home Design?

Pininfarina engages with companies such as Reflex for the living, Snaidero for kitchens and Casalgrande Padana for ceramics, creating collections ready to be included in its interior design projects.

Of course, interior design projects may involve private homes, but also, and perhaps above all, residential operations, hospitality, luxury places. With an eye to marketing and communication, also taken care of by Pininfarina.

In short, what does it take?

And actually … Now I make a couple of calls, okay?

Get ready, because you’ll soon hear about Archidipity Home Design!

Author: Dave Doe

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