As I had announced on Instagram, in fact, Alberto and I wanted to take advantage of the Christmas holidays to revolutionize our living starting from one element, in particular, a very, very MOOO important element…


Yes, after months and months in which I kept repeating to you that I wanted to replace the dear old Kivik, I finally did it! And of course, I couldn’t miss the chance to freshen up the whole room, a real look change by  Maisons du Monde! 🙂

You know well that during the last year we have traveled far and wide without ever finding a sofa that would make our hearts beat faster and that would meet those needs (aesthetic and otherwise) that are indispensable for us… Until the day when we came across him:

We weren’t there by chance: in fact, a few days ago I had the chance to collaborate with Maisons du Monde again, so one Saturday before Christmas, Alberto and I decided to go exploring to discover the new products and new collections.

It’s called Glenn, it’s the right size for us – both in terms of length and the depth of the seat – comfortable, raised from the ground (very comfortable when I have to pass the vacuum cleaner!) And its coating is very pleasant to the touch, besides being the perfect gray point.

To give him a further hygge touch,  I placed the sheepskin rug on the seat, like every winter.

I immediately liked every single detail of this sofa: the slightly “chubby” high armrest, the discreet stitching and the Nordic look that I love so much.

I am really satisfied with the choice, I believe that Glenn has made our living visually lighter and more contemporary than before, certainly thanks to the wooden feet (my fixed one!).

What then do you know, it is a moment that you get carried away from the sofa and you want to take even a nice pouf with a golden base, am I right? 😉

I like the sophisticated touch it gives to the room, it makes everything more elegant! Furthermore – if desired – it can be used as an extra seat being of a height similar to that of a stool.

Having a small house I always try to find complements that have a dual function, which is why I could not absolutely give up this wonder! 😉

Remaining on the subject of accessories, during our in-store tour the eye fell on a pair of glass vases with pedestals. I’ve been looking for something similar for a long time, mainly to be used in the styling of the brands I work for … I think they are very effective because thanks to that pedestal they highlight the flowers as if they were works of art! * _ *

I think I lost my head for them … What do you think?

Even the gray linen blend tablecloth comes from Maisons du Monde! This year I promised myself to set the table well even when we have no guests, to make our dinners for two a little more special.

I don’t know if it also happens to you but often we don’t really want to put the tablecloth (also because most of the time half a table is occupied by the computer and by my junk!) And to set the table for good… In 2019 I’d like to cure a little more this aspect of our everyday life – weather permitting – and I hope that this new tablecloth is a stimulus 🙂

A slight breeze of novelty has also arrived in the bedroom, thanks to the very simple wooden ladder on which I would like to hang my robe to find it ready in the morning. Initially, I had thought of taking it to replace the towel rail in the bathroom, but as soon as I saw it I immediately realized that its place would be in the room! * _ *

What do you say, now that it is also in discount I should take another to also replace the bathroom or should I give myself calm down? Eheheheh: P

Everything from the headquarters of the cup for now … FOR NOW!

Oh yes, because next Friday there will be another post concerning the living!

Stay tuned! 😉

Author: Dave Doe

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