My restaurant

I think of a cozy restaurant, with the right menu and the right wine list, and cocktails. A place where light and sound act as masters, integrating and enhancing what is perceived by the palate, eyes, and touch.

I imagine it white, with a colored floor. The walls are rough and do not need further decoration.

Bright, with huge windows on the street, which make you want to enter it. And many lights, of all shapes and sizes, may be used to create different scenarios depending on the time.

The kitchen is at the center, open as if it were a stage on which the art of cooking is staged. And that spreads a thousand intoxicating scents in the air.

Of course, I would not neglect the design of silent and very efficient extractor hoods, because I don’t even like smelly clothes. In the same way, in reality, I would leave only the cleanest workings to view, to then enclose between four walls – or glass – the dirtiest and smelly activities.

I see the glass, iron, steel, and little wood. Probably I would use wood only for portions of the floor.

And the bathrooms … Yes, those would be little jewels! I imagine the sinks as sloping marble, the taps are simple curved pipes, and above all, there would be a corner full of perfume bottles. To play at spraying one for each wrist.

The tables imagine them small, to be combined at will. The chairs are not chairs, but small comfortable soft armchairs.

And then, it has a long marble counter that surrounds the bar area, to accommodate those who want to have a chat while being alone.

Finally, the angle of memorabilia: objects and furnishings collected over time, which create a corner dedicated to spending time in relaxation. Maybe with a good Negroni to sip and a compelling book to devour.

Here it is. This would be my restaurant.

These, however, those of others. To play to find the elements just told.


And now, who makes me design a restaurant ???

Author: Dave Doe

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