Monticello Residences – Rome

We are in Rome, San Pietro area. A few hundred meters from where I live a huge construction site was growing, and I couldn’t help but slow down to peek at the sign of what it was.

Few keywords:

Rome Monticello the name, a prestigious residential complex the destination, Europe Resources the developer.

Curiosity mixed with professional deformation was recently met by Pan’s friends, who deal with media relations for the intervention.

I had the opportunity to make a preview visit to the press that was coming soon. I was as excited as a child who gradually discovers all her favorite toys.

Monticello rises in one of the highest points near the Vatican allows a 360 ° view of the Capital and I am sure to have also seen the Ostia pinewood in the distance.

The completion of the construction site is scheduled for the spring of 2017. At the moment it is possible to visit a sample apartment (in the images below), perfect in every detail.

There are 60 apartments with an average area of ​​around 200 square meters. Fine finishes with the possibility of choice during construction, saunas and private pools on the balconies, condominium roof garden available to residents, concierge service ready to satisfy every wish, parking spaces for guests, home automation and latest generation systems: these, in random order, some of the services that characterize this intervention.

But what struck me most?

Why on earth would I also buy an apartment in Monticello? Why, despite my being a technician, was I still convinced by the skilled traders who introduced me to the complex?

I go with the list:

  • Because it is a new building right in the center of Rome: geothermal system, anti-seismic structures according to the most recent regulations, external walls, ultra-high-performance doors (and beautiful ones!), A + energy classification;
  • Because I can personalize the apartment according to my most personal tastes;
  • Because I have always dreamed of a winter garden where I could take refuge working peacefully, surrounded by greenery and silence;
  • Because I can manage my apartment via smartphone: security, comfort and control, all in one hand;
  • Because there is a little man who takes care of anything I ask him: from the organization of my son’s party (which is a problem that haunts me …) to the dry cleaners, up to the theater reservation.

I would say that the reasons listed are more than enough to convince anyone. There is only one small detail that still holds me back, and I’m sure you’ve already guessed it.

Prices start at € 7,400 / sqm: definitely negotiable, but I don’t think we could find an agreement … But there is one important thing to say: these apartments are really worth the money, trust me!

Author: Dave Doe

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