Kitchens, and windows

It happens very frequently in the everyday life of the profession of architect: the customer sees images proposed by the architect, these evoke memories, desires, needs. And he makes his requests.

Once the motivations are understood, the architect welcomes them and puts them first on paper, then at work.

This is more or less what happens when we talk about kitchens.

I have noticed that many people have a common dream: the window behind (or in front, depending on the point of view) the kitchen sink.

To see, to dream, to wander with the mind, just as they perform the most boring tasks of being in the kitchen.

I note that, in our homes, it is a desire that is difficult to achieve, especially for the quality of sight that can be offered. In the vast majority we would look at the building in front, but who knows … maybe a handsome muscular guy could live right there!

But, as a professional, I could not oppose this type of request, except for any problems that might arise.

It could, for example, be a problem that the window sill is too low (as in my home!) That would make the use of the sink less ergonomic.

Let’s not forget also the presence of the tap that could annoy the opening of the window (but there are taps on the market that also solve this problem).

For the rest, just make the request at the design stage and you’re done!

Now let’s look at some images.

Know that I had to go to look for overseas, because, of European houses with the sink in front of the window, not even the shadow! Almost.

Let’s start with a Spanish house. Exactly.

Beautiful the window of the same size as the sink (it opens to the outside). Note the simplicity of the whole and the total lack of closing doors and wall units.

This is a very classic kitchen overlooking a Vermont lake. Beautiful the ceramic sink perfectly inserted in the context. Think of that view in winter … a show, literally!

Israel: … at least we are in the Mediterranean !!

This image struck me not only for the simplicity of the whole, for the very deep plan that ends against the frame, for the plants behind the sink, and for the vertical channels that can be seen outside the window!

A small pied-a-terre in San Francisco: I like that the back of the kitchen has become a fixed window, washable exactly like the tiles!

Still San Francisco: the window is almost beautiful with no frame. And the view is not bad either …

Los Angeles: I don’t like kitchen handles and wooden profiles, but the whole is a nice effect.

West Hollywood: yet another example of a back – window. In this case, there is no sink, but fires. I emphasize even more the ease in washing glass: meatball-proof sauce! (We fly over the crooked picture …)

And now, two applause images.

Still Los Angeles: view of the pool and the entire city. Note the sliding glass that opens completely. Really breathtaking (even if the kitchen, intended as a base, I don’t like it. Nor the false ceiling!). I last held my favorite! Massachusetts, where else? The kitchen in the greenhouse … other than a window behind the sink !!!

Author: Dave Doe

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