I dont know how to design gardens

If you have come to these pages to understand how to design a garden, well … you have the wrong place!

I do not.ho.la.più.pallida.idea of ​​how to design a green space, be it a planter of half a square meter or a park of thousands of hectares.

Absolute darkness.

Total void.

Overt ignorance.

Architect, what if a customer happens to want a garden designed by you? – you will tell me …

In that case, I would write a blog post – I’ll tell you.

So to share with my loyal readers the misfortune of the task!

Given that NO ONE is so foolish as to ask me to design a garden, if I could choose, I would think my ideal garden.

I like the idea of ​​’confused’ green, which seems uncultivated and instead is the result of careful and thorough planning.

And I like total white, even in gardens. Even if made of only daisies.

White furnishings, white flowers, and green green green vegetation.

And then, on closer inspection, it is not necessary for the garden to be ‘confused’, because even hyper-geometric is not bad at all.

As long as it’s white!

Tulips. But also hydrangeas.

 Until reaching Allium. Intended as a garlic flower, that of the famous ajio-ojio-e-peperoncino.

And with this image, I throw a new dilemma there: and the lavender garden?

Soon on these pages …

Author: Dave Doe

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