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.. a doghouse!

A good sign is that I can finally get back to these pages, between these lines. A further good sign will be that I do…

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Villa in Roquebrune – Lazzarini Pickering Architects

Talking about architecture with Carl Pickering is like sipping a good red wine: harmonious, full-bodied, persistent, round, mature. And the architecture of the Roman firm…

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The houses by the sea 2

I continue my research on beach houses and the colors to be used for interiors. Last week I focused on Greek houses. And I learned…

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The useful pools!

I confess: I can no longer think of swimming pools except in terms of swimming-pools-meters-times-turns. And that, in my life as an architect, limits me…

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Design in Ibiza

Accomplices these first warm, my imagination is already set up sets of swimwear + sandals + sunglasses. Plus, she always, my fantasy, begins to wander…

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The pools

The pools can be divided into two major groups: pool skimmer and infinity pools. The skimmer pools are characterized by a perimeter edge on which…

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The terraces

I’ve been on the web, and you have no idea how hard it is to find images of outdoor spaces close to our European uses-and-consumption….

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Trinity Hall – Riach Architects

Riach Architects is one of the most famous studios in Oxfordshire. Founded in 1984, it continues to maintain its reputation as an award-winning studio thanks…

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I dont know how to design gardens

If you have come to these pages to understand how to design a garden, well … you have the wrong place! I doù.pallida.idea of…

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The houses of Rio de Janeiro

We will pretend together that we have an unlimited budget, and that we want to use it to invest a tidy sum in a… chesò……

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