A New Star Wars Game in Development by Ubisoft

Megan Bonnell


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Just days after Lucasfilm Games launch, fans still try to digest the whole bunch of new games announced. Among them, one Star Wars title is to be developed by Ubisoft Massive, which means the deal with EA is coming or has come to an end. Details about the new title are not revealed yet, we only know that it’s supposed to be an open-world game.

Lucasfilm Games Strikes Back

The new game is being developed by Ubisoft Massive, the company behind projects like The Division. Apparently, it will utilize the same Snowdrop engine that is in the core of The Division 2. The game is not supposed to be its SW-themed clone, though.

Julian Gerighty of Ubisoft Massive says that the game will not repeat The Division II (in terms of gameplay, obviously). Neither will it reference major cinematic titles of the universe, featuring a standalone adventure. The same is said about the new Indiana Jones game, teased by Bethesda. It seems like Lucasfilm Games is trying to provide what the latest Lucasfilm movies lacked: original stories following the spirit of the pre-Disney Lucasfilm era.

All Platforms Go!

What is almost for sure is that the game is in development for multiple platforms. This means players will be able to discuss where it runs better after the release. So far you can express your expectations by sharing this on social media with your thoughts, or commenting it down here.