.. a doghouse!

A good sign is that I can finally get back to these pages, between these lines.

A further good sign will be that I do it re-go-lar-men-te!

And how not to return if not with my most recent passion?

That is … the dogs!

And what does dog + architects do? But kennel, of course !!!

Is there anyone here who has a very vague idea of ​​how difficult it is to find a small canine residence that has anything to do with design and architecture?

Know it: it is really impossible.

Suppose, for example, that you have a basement or window at your disposal.

This is what the web offers us.

And this is my favorite solution for an interior…

But maybe I’m influenced by the tender look of this dog!

Let us suppose then that we have an external space at our disposal and let’s have fun.

These are the most disturbing.

To be noted, among all, the one equipped with an external unit for air conditioning. What then, the remote control, who governs it, the dog ??

But even these are not bad at all, right?

I fear my Ivy – ten-month black labrador – would ask her breeder for political asylum!

This – which is also pretty, come on – is available with a lot of design. He is not an executive, but it could be enough to build it.

But let’s get to my favorites.

I love the roof garden (!), The ramp (and not the staircase) to climb on it, the tulips and the curtains on the windows.

Let’s start thinking, right?

I love this dog! But also the hot tub and the chalet style.

And of this, I love the ranch style, perfect for a German shepherd.

Maybe less for my puppy that now, beside me, snores and sucks in its sleep.

In short, you have understood what the situation is.

But now, in my living room, what do I wear ???

Author: Dave Doe

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