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USBPre Review

High quality digital field recording used to be a compromise of performance, bulk, capability, and cost. USBPre changes that. USBPre is a no-compromise solution for recording, webcasting, test and measurement, or any application where portable, high-quality audio is needed. Along with a USB equipped Mac or Windows computer you have the tools to record everywhere.

USBPre is first, and most importantly, a microphone preamplifier. Its two mic inputs have the dynamic range, frequency response, and distortion performance to take full advantage of your 24-bit/48 kHz recording environment. In addition, it accepts line, instrument, tape level, and S/PDIF coaxial signals. All analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion is done in the USBPre, so you aren't limited by your on-board sound card.

USBPre is easy to setup. A single cable between your Mac or Windows PC (desktop or notebook) provides all the needed interface and power. Front panel peak metering and gain controls speed adjustment. With a notebook computer your hard disk recording gear can now fit into a small briefcase. Of course, if you want to use the USBPre with your desktop setup it will interface to it as well.

USBPre is made of a compact, extruded aluminum chassis with machined metal knobs. Like every Sound Devices product it is subject to rigorous environmental and quality testing. It is ready for recording, anywhere.

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